7 Signs That Show You Are Dealing With a Bad Designer

A graphic designer must be updated with the latest trends in graphic design. Additionally, he should also know outdated practices. It is important for a graphic designer to know his typography. He should also be responsible to deliver an aesthetically sound product to his client.

Signs All Over the Wall

Graphic design trends are available regularly. What was acceptable a month ago may no longer be acceptable today. If the graphic designer still uses any of these, get rid of him Here is a list of practices a bad designer still uses.

  1. Double returns after a paragraph. The designer does not know how to format test properly.
  2. Double space after each sentence. This is an old school practice
  3. Negative Text Hierarchy. Does not know how to format a document.
  4. Using Comic Sans. This will This should  repulse the graphic designer
  5. Using Embossed Text. Embossed text should never be used at this age and time
  6. No leading added to text. This is a default text that does not have enough leading.
  7. No Grid. Without this in a layout, elements will not fall in line.

A graphic web designer should not only have the skills in his hand. He should also have some brains and understand that some practices become outdated while new practices emerge.

After spotting a bad graphic design, you should also take into consideration the attitude towards work. Is he meeting his deadlines. Is he open top revisions and suggestions. You do not have time to deal bad graphic designs. At the earliest signs of being a mediocre, ditch the designer.

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